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iTeach Room of Requirement

Curriculum Wing

A critical element of transformational schools - those that promise to put students from the most disadvantaged families onto a fundamentally different life path - is a contextual, culturally-relevant, and rigorous curriculum. Our in-house Curriculum Team builds and refines this for all our schools. The iTeach Room of Requirement is the result of their years of hard work - trying to empower teachers with a plug-and-play toolkit.


Each resource here attempts to be a plug-and-play tool for teachers in secondary schools. They comprise:

a) An annual teaching plan (long-term plan), and unit plans (long-term plan broken into four units)

b) Lesson plans and worksheets for each objective


We will be adding assessments and trackers soon!

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1-1 check in (1)_edited_edited_edited.jpg


We want to get better faster! Your feedback is valuable - what should we start, what should we continue, and what should we stop? If you find errors - sorry for those - please leave feedback around them as well!

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