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10 on 10 of iTeach Schools

A sneak peek into Academic Year 2023-24

A Decade of Dreams

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30 April 2015

9 years ago, 2 schools opened up their gates to invite a group of 87 students to their new school. 2 visionaries started with a team of audacious educators with a dream of levelling the playing field for students coming from low-income communities of Pune. What started with a dream, is now a movement of 12 schools in 2 cities impacting more than 4500 students and 3000 alums. This year marks the beginning of the 10th year at iTeach Schools. 

If we have to summarize the learning of this decade in one word, it is the power of dreams.  It is our dreams that brought us all together. It is our dreams that have kept us going. It is our dreams that we want to celebrate this year.

Join us as we celebrate this year, A Decade of Dreams.

What are our 4 Big Achievements?


The movement arrives in MUMBAI!

A new city. A new school. A new milestone.

We started our 10th school - iTeach NMMC 91, in Navi Mumbai in October 2023. With 2 more schools opening up this year iTeach currently caters to more than 1500 students in Navi Mumbai.

RSM_Students exam-min_edited_edited.jpg

Students excel in SSC Boards 2024

635 students appeared for Grade 10 exams this year nad 633 of them cleared with 70% of them in first class or above! The batch size grew this year by 30%, the result got better by 5%. The board results have gotten better consistently for last three years.

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A levelled playing field for ALL students!

iTeach students travelled across the globe competing with the best of the best and have shown excellence in different spheres. From Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai to Robotics Challenge in Houston, USA - our students have made us proud everywhere they go!


It takes a Village to raise a child.

This year, we expanded to a new city, launched 3 new schools, leading to a 63% budget increase. We were able to secure necessary funding, thanks to strong donor support and strategic partnerships. We have six new partners who placed their trust and believe in our mission.

Proof points for Student Achievement


students in First class in 2024 SSC Board Exams. 633/635 graduated Grade 10


students from the last batch in higher education


students from first 2 batch working or pursuing masters

Alumni Achievement: Inspiring Hope  and Belief 


Meet Afifa Patel, an iTeach SGM alumna. Once an average student with limited interests, now a teacher inspiring other students in iTeach SGM. Afifa now teaches English to Grades 8 & 9 in iTeach SGM.

College to Career: What are our alumni from the first 2 batches doing?

Big Goal: 80% of alums will get placed in a full-time job/masters.
Outcome: 83% of alums are placed in a full-time job/masters.

                   a) 65% of alums in stable full-time jobs

                   b) 18% of alums pursuing higher education.

8 Alums (7%) have joined iTeach as staff members.

What are our 3 Big Innovations?


A New-age classroom for a new-age generation.

iTeach introduces two new curricula to make learning exciting, relevant and accessible to all kinds of learners.

MSFC: Multi Skill Foundation Course: A learning-by-doing course that includes workshops and engineering, energy and environment, gardening and agriculture, and food processing

Big History Project: Do you feel History is taught in isolation? Big History project involves an integration between history, geography and science teaching students where we are and where we come from!

Want to know more?

Prioritizing People: Our Dedication to staff well-being

Five-day Work Week for All: To foster a balanced lifestyle and effective learning environment, iTeach became one of the first few schools to move to a five-day work week for all its members.

Great Place To Work: iTeach is certified as a Great Place To Work for 5th consecutive year.


Bigger every year!: iTeach team reaches a milestone of 300 staff members. In the Academic year 2023-24, we onboarded 120+ new staff members.​​


Partnerships leading to 360 development of students.

This year at iTeach we brought multiple partners on board to cater to holistic needs of our students.

Health Support: We worked with three organizations to provide free access to physical health checkups, eye checkups and PMV vaccines to female students and community members.

Mid-day Meal: Two organizations catered to three schools providing healthy breakfast and lunch for students and staff members. Starting June 2024, all students and staff members at iTeach will receive this support.

Books and Stationery: We partnered with Radio One which provided 3500+ books to different iTeach schools in Pune.

Stronger every year











What are our 3 big challenges?

1. Students:

-  Learning gap for incoming G8 students continues to be a huge struggle.  Students coming in 3+ years behind.

-  21st century challenges of social media addiction, drug abuse, religious polarization - we're unable to address these systemically (both curriculum and staff are not really capable of addressing these things) - and only able to deal with symptoms

2. Alumni:

-  Students choosing lower quality colleges due to distance type reasons - lower aspiration than needed towards top colleges

-  While 85% are working, their median salary is Rs. 18000.  Yes double of family income, but still far from what it can be.  Setting a new goal of 25000 for this year, and 30000 the year after.

3. Org Development:

-  Teachers still finding it hard to cater to 40 students at once - need volunteers / interns steadily to help.  Unable to do that with cost / quality / delivery (time) and consistency

Join the movement!

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